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Soft Spot Of My Heart: CD
  • Soft Spot Of My Heart: CD

Soft Spot Of My Heart: CD

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Soft Spot Of My Heart: CD

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Soft Spot Of My Heart by Eleanor Dubinsky

Global Tenderness: Jazz Songwriter Eleanor Dubinsky Opens up to the Beauty of Human Vulnerability on New Lisbon-Inspired Album

In the end, it was the people. Singer, polyglot songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Eleanor Dubinsky was drawn to Lisbon after years of travel and exploration, but the music she made there surprised her.

“It’s about artists, not about music that happens to be from particular countries. I had some preconceptions going into this album, but I learned that there are many more layers to these worlds than I imagined. it’s infinite what I can learn. It expands beyond a particular genre. It’s about a collaborative work from a group of artists with something to offer that spans genres and geographies.”

On Soft Spot of My Heart (release: March 30, 2018), Dubinsky leans into the vulnerabilities and delicate moments we all face in relationship to one another, drawing strength and inspiration from musical friendships she forged in Lisbon and New York. Spurred by the “awakened heart” approach of Tibetan Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron, Dubinsky treads lightly through the thickets of affection and attachment, discovering a grace in the elegant melodies and Lus-African sway her collaborators bring to the table.

“The soft spot is about holding with deep compassion all the stuff we run away from. This helps us love others better. If this process feels painful, I have found I need to grow my brain to contain more, more of others’ perspectives and stories and needs. I try to carry this understanding into my songwriting,” explains Dubinsky. “You have to continuously expand your understanding of what a human being can do, of what they can be.”

By finding a artful dialog with musicians from New York, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Portugal, Dubinsky urges all of us to embrace that sweet spot and hold the world there.

NYC release celebration: Joe’s Pub, April 10, 2018 at 7 PM Read more here: Artist bio here:

Album Credits: 1. Turn It Around (Eleanor Dubinsky & Frank Ponzio) (3:46) 2. Soft Spot Of My Heart (Eleanor Dubinsky) (4:56) 3. Wind Won't Knock It Down (Eleanor Dubinsky) (3:16) 4. Wait For You (Eleanor Dubinsky) (3:45) 5. Free Again (Eleanor Dubinsky & Frank Ponzio) (4:52) 6. El Sabor De La Vida (Eleanor Dubinsky, Alejandro Sequeira, Wesley Amorim w/ Jonathan Mendez, Ismael Torres, Juan Souki, Bam Bam Rodrigues, Pablo Eluchans, Mili Vizcaíno Jaén, Pedro Vazquez & Ivan Moreno) (4:12) 7. Morning Song (Eleanor Dubinsky & Frank Ponzio) (3:00) 8. I Let Go (Eleanor Dubinsky & Frank Ponzio) (4:03) 9. Cuando Voy A Mi Trabajo (Eleanor Dubinsky & Vita Tanga) (4:21) 10. You Are Special, You Are Beautiful (Eleanor Dubinsky & Lorenzo Johnson) (3:15)

Soft Spot Of My Heart is produced by Eleanor Dubinsky Rolando Semedo & Frank Ponzio Executive produced by Eleanor Dubinsky

On all tracks except 4: Eleanor Dubinsky: vocals, Rolando Semedo: bass, Frank Ponzio: piano and keyboard, Wesley Amorim: guitars, Ivo Costa: drums (except 9), Miroca Paris: percussion (except 10)

4: Eleanor Dubinsky: vocals, Wesley Amorim: guitar. Performed and arranged by Eleanor Dubinsky & Wesley Amorim

Elsa Nilsson: C flute on 7, John Lake: trumpet & flugelhorn on 1 + trumpet on 7, Sarah Abigael Stone: cello on 8

Additional vocal arrangements by Greg Stamper on 1 & 10 Greg Stamper, Yolanda Batts, Abena Malika, David Sosa, LaVonda Elam, Jennifer C. Andres, Will Stone (Greg Stamper & Soul21): additional vocals on 1 & 10 Additional vocal production by Justin Goldner for Funky Butter Productions

Recorded by André Tavares at Atlantico Blue Studios, Portugal and E Scott Lindner at Pinch Recording, NYC Mastered by Alan Silverman at Aerial Sound, NYC

Cover art by Yvette Drury Dubinsky ( Photo by Shervin Lainez Graphic design by Dimitar Ristovski

A tremendous amount of generosity and hard work has gone into the making of this album. To everyone who composed, wrote, collaborated, arranged, produced, performed, recorded, mastered, advised, listened, hugged, offered workspace, consulted, critiqued, filmed, photographed, designed and organized: thank you. I am endlessly grateful. Your spirit is in the music. The opportunity to travel, pursue my creative vision and answer the call is one I do not take for granted. I hope that, as you listen to these songs, you feel a piece of the journey they contain and that they inspire you to venture into your own unknown and take the risks that are calling to you.

All songs © & ℗ 2018 Eleanor Dubinsky (BMI)

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Listen To The Music (single)

Listen To The Music

Eleanor Dubinsky

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Listen To The Music (Escucha La Musica) is a vibrant, Latin-infused song by indie songwriter Eleanor Dubinsky.

She says of the track : “I am so pleased with ‘Listen To The Music’ because it’s uplifting and inclusive. It’s meant to bring people together through music – Latin, North American, European, African – it’s a song for everyone.” She sings with tender conviction and compassion: "I’m a container and I’ll hold your suffering/I will transform it into this song that we sing/Come on and be with me, make the world a better place/Let this rhythm put a smile on your face."

“Listen To The Music” is co-written with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Dave Merenda, best known for writing Sarah McLachlan’s hit “I Will Remember You.”

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Turn It Around (single)

Turn It Around (Single): CD
  • Turn It Around (Single): CD

Turn It Around (Single): CD

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Eleanor Dubinsky has found the tender edge where jazz, world, and pop sensibilities meet emotionally forthright songwriting. She suggests we all work to "Turn It Around," the first single from her upcoming album Soft Spot of My Heart (spring 2018). "Turn It Around," co-written with pianist and composer Frank Ponzio, is an uplifting, soulful tribute to the spring that comes after a long winter, literally and spiritually. Eleanor's most recent songs embrace sounds from the USA, Cape Verde, and Brazil, thanks to her multifaceted band. To underline her uplifting message, she also welcomes the powerful joy of Brooklyn based contemporary gospel ensemble Greg Stamper Stamper & Soul21 who make a noteworthy appearance on her new record. Credits: Music and lyrics by Eleanor Dubinsky and Frank Ponzio Additional vocal arrangements by Greg Stamper Produced by Eleanor Dubinsky, Frank Ponzio and Rolando Semedo Recorded by Andre Tavares at Atlantico Blue Studios (Lisbon) and E. Scott Lindner at Pinch Recording (NYC) Mixed by Andre Tavares at Atlantico Blue Studios (Lisbon) Mastered by Alan Silverman at Arf Mastering (NYC) Musicians: Eleanor Dubinsky - Vocals, Guitar Frank Ponzio - Keys Rolando Semedo - Bass Wesley Amorim - Guitar Ivo Costa - Drums Miroca Paris - Percussion John Lake - Trumpet Greg Stamper & Soul21 (Greg Stamper, Yolanda Batts, Abena Malika, Will Stone, LaVonda Elam, Jennifer Carol, David Sosa) - additional vocals

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