One of NPR Alt.Latino’s four 2018 picks for New Spring Music, Eleanor Dubinsky is a “multilingual musician who can capture the emotions and soul of a community in a song.” (Felix Contreras, Alt.Latino co-founder and host).  

Eleanor is a vocalist, guitarist and cellist whose music lives at the tender edge where jazz, world, and pop sensibilities meet emotionally forthright songwriting. Hailing from St. Louis, MO and now based in New York City, her sound reflects and celebrates both her mid-western US roots and the formative time she has spent throughout her life in South America, Western and Central Europe and most recently, Portugal and Cape Verde. The polygot composes in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, bringing her linguistic and cultural fluency into dynamic compositions exploring the fragile links between human emotions and responsibility. Eleanor takes to heart her chosen roles as composer, bandleader, cultural interpreter and activist. Her lyrics about self-discovery as well as issues of immigration and contemporary politics create a lively, inviting sound that builds bridges between diverse audiences. Journalist Tom Pryor describes Eleanor’s work as “joyous, uplifting and deeply generous...this is music as medicine for your soul.”

Eleanor’s music has been featured on MTV, Lifetime and Animal Planet, ads for American Express, radio stations throughout Mexico, and NPR’ Alt Latino. She has made many festival appearances including Lincoln Center's Boro Linc: La Casita, the 4 + 4 Days In Motion festival in Prague, The Philadelphia International Festival For The Arts at the Kimmel Center, the Puerto Morelos Music Festival (Mexico) and concerts in Costa Rica, Portugal, France, Mexico, Cape Verde and Senegal. Performing regularly in New York City and the surrounding area, Dubinsky also teaches songwriting and performs for children and adults receiving cancer treatment at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

Eleanor has three releases to date: Touch The Sky (2011), Listen To The Music (2012) and Soft Spot Of My Heart (2018). She collaborates frequently on side projects including Sugar On My Mind, a favorite co-write with Erik Lawrence (Levon Helm, Amy Helm, Butler Bernstein and the Hot 9, The Levin Brothers) and Charlie Burnham (Cassandra Wilson, Martha Redbone). 

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Quite simply, Soft Spot Of My Heart is a cerebral and enchanting album that has the capacity to captivate. It is full of melodic and memorable music which Eleanor Dubinsky delivers against a series of carefully crafted and polished arrangements. ...poignant, powerful and thought-provoking.”

Dereks Music Blog

“Then the voice - simple direct and honest. Its melody lifted me right out of the funk I'd been in...great production, spacious grooves and deep feeling all around!” ”

Steve Sandberg (pianist, Emmy-nominated composer)

“Eleanor's music is all about connection and empowerment. It makes me feel transported to a sandy beach, where I can be free and dip my toes in the water.” ”

Glamour Magazine


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