NPR Alt.Latino feature: Eleanor Dubinsky & Aurelio Martinez lead 'ritmos unidos' in honduras

6/13/21 - Feature article on Ritmos Unidos, educational programming led by Eleanor Dubinsky and Aurelio Martinez with the U.S. Embassy Tegucigalpa and the U.S. Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs Arts Envoy Office.

"...Just before quarantine, New York-based musician Eleanor Dubinsky had been planning a workshop called Ritmos Unidos: Celebrando Nuestra Historia with help from the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. When the coronavirus shut things down around the world she reached out to Martinez to help with the project and soon they were part of the world wide virtual space. Soon young Garifuna musicians were given songwriting instruction from Martinez and Dubinsky and instructed on the ins and outs of the music business so they might also become musical guardians of Garifuna culture."

Eleanor's silky voice and her band's infectious energy enchanted our audience. Their world rhythms and multi-lingual lyrics celebrate the beautiful diversity in our world and honor the human experience that ties us all together. Eleanor’s music delighted audiences young and old.”

— Rose Ann Hoffland, Levitt at the Falls Concert Series - South Dakota

'Diverse skillset' to highlight Eleanor Dubinsky concert

The Times-Reporter - April 11 .2022

“The Performing Arts Center strives to provide opportunities to serve the needs of the community in which we live,” explains David Mitchell, general manager of the Performing Arts Center [at Kent State Tuscawaras]. “Few artists have as diverse a skillset as Eleanor Dubinsky. We’re thrilled to make partnerships with Empower Tusc Coalition as well as three local school districts to take advantage of her ability to speak to so many segments of our population through her music and workshops."

New Song About Losing A Loved One to Addiction Featured on The Podcast Grieving Out Loud - 3/1/21

Episode 37 | "Remember Me:" The gift of a song to a grieving mom.

Click here to listen. With cowriters Sally and Frank Ponzio, in conversation with Angela Kennecke of the Emily's Hope Foundation.

NPR Music: Alt Latino 

Album Review: Eleanor Dubinsky's 'Soft Spot Of My Heart' 

By: Felix Contreras 

April 3, 2018 

Vocalist Eleanor Dubinsky is slowly, but steadily, building a body of work that consists of elegant and thoughtful songwriting that slides easily between genres and geography through top-notch musicianship, all in service to a voice that stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it. Her new album, Soft Spot Of My Heart, is her strongest work yet.  

Dubinsky's journey is similar to that of so many songwriters — the story of finding a voice to match the music she hears in her head. In her case, that means the songs arrive in either English, Spanish or Portuguese. She lets them determine which language is best suited to express the emotion within.  

Dubinsky is a vocalist, cellist, guitar player, songwriter and an intrepid musical explorer, yes — but what she is not is from Latin America or of Latin American heritage. Still, her approach to writing in Spanish, as well as her affinity for Latin music and rhythms, come from a place of respect, aided by musicians from various parts of the Spanish-speaking world, organic and true to a sensibility consistent with the best folk music of Latin America. It proves there is plenty of room under the umbrella we call Latin music to accommodate those who did not have the benefit of a birthright to contribute and, at times, expand the traditions. Original article here. 

The Provincetown Independent

Eleanor Dubinsky’s Songs Speak Volumes, in Several Languages

Streaming from the Cape, she aims her art for the social good

By: Saskia Maxwell Keller

Eleanor Dubinsky is a polyglot in every sense of the word. She sings in four languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. She plays the cello and the guitar. She’s lived in Argentina, France, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and Cape Verde. And her music draws from several different musical traditions inspired by her life and travels. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, she has been sheltering in place in Truro. She recently performed at Payomet Performing Arts Center’s streaming Tiny Tent with Dario Acosta Teich. And she has been live-streaming a series of concerts, titled “Jazz and More,” every Sunday evening, with proceeds benefitting a different charity each week. (Enjoy the full experience at

Mostly Minnesota 

Concert Review: Eleanor Dubinsky Singing International Elegance at the Parkway Theater

By: Ann Treacy

September 4, 2019

"Sometimes you get lucky and you find yourself seeing an international musician in a suddenly intimate setting because it’s her first time playing in Minneapolis. And that was the case seeing Eleanor Dubinsky at the Parkway Theater on Tuesday night....Dubinsky is elegant and worldly with songs in French, Spanish and Portuguese. She sang a catchy French song about stopping life to focus on forgetting a man and smoking. Funny to see a French song nearly become a singalong. And a rare treat that makes a lapsed French minor feel smug. Her band is impressive and accomplished. Each musician has a way of making certain songs their own while working on the whole. The percussionist was especially fun to hear. The bongos lifted every song while the chimes and other sounds left an exotic feel. There were some nods to the world to with an apropos version of Wind Won’t Knock it Down in honor of the people standing strong in the face of Hurricane Dorian. You Are Special, You Are Beautiful brought the room together in recognition of the people who feel disenfranchised or really unseen and unheard since the last election. The song is an anthem. Jazzy but with a pliant blues edge..."

Read the full review here.


Eleanor Dubinsky Brings World Music To Levitt

Radio interview with Lori Walsh, South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) (16 min.)

July 25. 2019

"Touring on her third release, Eleanor Dubinsky's music is reflective of time she has spent in South America, Western and Central Europe, Portugal and Cape Verde. She composes in four different languages while exploring self and contemporary issues while building bridges between diverse listeners. Dubinsky performs Thursday at Levitt at the Falls in Sioux Falls. Her concert is part of the Levitt's World Music Series."

Listen here. 


Kelolandland Television

News at Five Feature: Levitt at the Falls Performer Celebrates Diversity with Children in Sioux Falls​​​​​​​

By: Lauren Soulek

July 25, 2019

"Before Eleanor Dubinsky and her band take the stage at the Levitt tonight, they wanted to share their multi-cultural and multi-lingual music with children in Sioux Falls...Today they shared their music and cultures with children at the Multi-Cultural CARE camp. On top of performing some of their own songs for the kids, the band also worked with the kids to write their own song..."

Watch the full story here.


"Eleanor Dubinsky is prodigiously talented: a gifted multi-instrumentalist with a strong, clear voice and a knack for catchy, open-hearted, multilingual pop that invokes the likes of Maria Bethânia and Carole King. While Dubinsky’s recordings are well worth your time, you need to see her live to appreciate the full package. Her recent performance at NYC’s Joe Pub celebrated the release of her latest album, Soft Spot of My Heart, and it was a knockout. Dubinsky’s multilayered songs — inspired by jazz, soul, Latin, and afro-Atlantic influences — opened up and revealed themselves in performance. Songs like the gospel-inflected “Turn It Around” and “You Are Special, You Are Beautiful” are relentlessly positive, but leavened with enough emotional grit and musical muscle to stop cynics dead in their tracks. The result was a joyous, uplifting and deeply generous performance — to her musicians and the audience alike — that was just the tonic for the frayed nerves of many New Yorkers after another long winter in these parlous times. Go. See her. This is music as medicine for your soul."

- Tom Pryor (Music Journalist; Nat Geo Music, Songlines, Afropop Worldwide)