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Eleanor and her band perform a Livestream Sessions Series in NYC

Education and Cultural Diplomacy

Tisanigu Africa, a new video filmed in La Ceiba, composed by and featuring participants in Ritmos Unidos, a program led by Eleanor Dubinsky and musician Aurelio Martinez, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy Tegucigalpa, the U.S. Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs, American Voices and ODECO.

Tisanigu Africa (Children of Africa): a song and music video by the participants of Ritmos Unidos: Celebrando Nuestra Historia (United Rhythms: Celebrating Our History), a four-month U.S. Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs Arts Envoy virtual exchange program with the U.S. Embassy Honduras. The artists are primarily of Garifuna (Afro-Indigenous) heritage. Co-conceived and led by Arts Envoy musicians Eleanor Dubinsky and Aurelio, Ritmos Unidos focuses on identity, cultural preservation and professional development to help young artists build their futures in the creative economy in Honduras. Also featured is the Honduras-based ODECO Dance Company, which promotes Garifuna cultural preservation and education. Local partners: Community Ethnic Development Organization (ODECO) and the Foundation of Educational Arts and Orchestras (FARECOH).

United Rhythms: Celebrating our Story and History

Recently featured on NPR! Click to read/listen.

February - June 2021: A program of the U.S. Embassy Tegucigalpa with the U.S. Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs Arts Envoy Program and ODECO in honor of Black History Month, Afro-Descendent Heritage Month and Garifuna Heritage Month. Co-led by Eleanor Dubinsky and iconic Garifuna songwriter Aurelio Martinez with industry experts Muzikaldunk, Catalina Maria Johnson, Ricardo Spicer, Ivan Duran and Sean Ardoin.

Music/Non-Profit Partnership to Combat and Raise Awareness About Substance Abuse

Announcing an ongoing partnership between Eleanor's song Remember Me and Shatterproof,  A  nonprofit transforming substance addiction treatment.

Visit Shatterproof's website and learn more about this campaign here.

You Are Special, You Are Beautiful - Quarantine Edition

My Favorite Things with Argentine guitarist Dario Acosta Teich, performed in the genre of Uruguayan candombe.

New Album Soft Spot Of My Heart Is Out Now!